Our first priority is responsible travel for sustainable tourism development. "Tourism for all and all for tourism".

Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam have suffered through decades of war and violent regimes yet maintain their innate friendly and generous spirit.  While cycling through rural villages and communities, we catch glimpses of the smiling faces of children and are reminded of the local people’s resiliency. In order to give back to the very places people travel the globe to admire, we support sustainable, local community development and education.

The Cambodian government still relies on the financial support of the international community, including the E.U (European Union), United States (USAID), United Kingdom, Australia (AUSAID), France, UN Development Program (UNDP), Japan, China and Korea.  Additionally international NGOs, volunteers, and local NGO’s have made huge contributions to assist with the positive development of Cambodia.  To show our appreciation to those that support the region, we organize international volunteers to work directly with local NGOs in addition to providing sustainable tourism through our cycling tours.

We believe that a better future is possible by taking care of our children and environment. Since 2014, Real World Adventure partnered with the Asian Square Group to raise over $7,500 USD for the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap. Everyday the hospital treats over 500 children free of cost with the support of charitable donations. Effective from September 1st, 2014, Real World Adventure donates 2% of all booking profits to the Angkor Hospital for Children. Learn more about how to donate directly to the Angkor Hospital for Children.

Responsible Tourism for Education

Education is the key to our children’s future.  We use a percentage of our profits to purchase school supplies for the floating school of Tonle Sap lake outside of Siem Reap. In addition, we rebuilt the school in 2004 with help from U.K. donors.  Please feel free to bring along any school supplies with you on your cycling tour, the kids will appreciate it.

Responsible Tourism for Community Development

During our ten years of rural and community based development work, we have found that local organizations often are more effective than national level organizations. Local NGOs that train and employ members of the local community not only gain specific insight to the area’s needs, but also facilitate local participation, leading to sustainable growth. National non-profit organization now look to community based NGO’s to help implement projects and funding.  Real World Adventure believes that supporting NGOs on a local level is key to flourishing community development and tourism.

Responsible Tourism by Volunteering

Volunteer tourism plays an important role in community development.  We place international volunteers in local NGO’s where they gain unforgettable knowledge and experience from people of the community.  See what our volunteers have to say.

Real World Adventure employees volunteer their time to support both local and national non-profit organizations by facilitating training workshops for staff to strengthen capacity building and organizational structures.  Workshops aid personnel of the non-profit organization to better understand their roles and responsibility. Clients include SILAKA, Church World Service (CWS), American Friend Services in Cambodia (AFSC), Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) in Laos, PACT, Working Group for Weapon Reduction (WGWR), Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP), Youth For Peace (YFP), Action Conflict Transformation (ACT) and two community based organizations in Battambang: Friend Economic Development Association (FEDA), Thean Thor (HIV/AIDS) organization. We extend our free training workshops to non-profit organizations in Laos and Vietnam. If you are a representative of an interested certified non-profit, please fill out our contact form.

Board of Directors

Real World Adventure employees serve as board members for an orphanage center in Siem Reap with plans to join the boards of organizations in Laos and Vietnam.  An integral part of a registered non profit and non government organizations, a volunteer board of directors, consisting of more than half local citizens, decides the best interests for the organization. 

Policy Making & Renewal (Volunteering)

We work with NGOs in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, through email and onsite visits, to ensure proper policy making in order to join the World Trade Organization (WTO).  WTO membership guarantees that local NGOs operate efficiently by supporting national interests, beneficiaries, and donors. We consult the board of directors and management committees of each NGO we work with to make sure that they join the WTO efficiently, promoting positive growth on a local level.

Workshop and Training (Volunteering)

Capacity building and developing organizational structure works also effectively through workshop and training. We can commit our times twice a year to do onsite workshop and training on some of the key presentation for developing organizational structure and strengthening capacity building to help the key personnels of the organization to understand their roles and responsibility so that they do not have any role conflict. We are extending our services to Laos and Vietnam for free of charge, to exchange our experiences of the issues the NGOs in Cambodia have and learn from their experiences.