Cambodia Responsible Tour

School Tour

Real World Adventure believes education is an integral component in ensuring a bright future.  We work with school groups to motivate, challenge, and inspire students through active and cultural travel across South East Asia.  From adventure cycling tours through ancient Angkor temples, to trekking up mystical Laos mountaintop villages, students step out of their comfort zone to become citizens of the world. 


Join one of our volunteer tours for an eye opening and rewarding experience you will never forget! We appoint the project manager who coordinate and communicate work with effective, local NGO’s so that your time contributes towards making a real and sustainable difference. Volunteer tour choices include activities like teaching Cambodian children in a Siem Reap orphanage, and building a pump well to provide villagers with clean drinking water.

Eco Tours

As South East Asia increases in popularity with travelers, the practice of ecotourism becomes more crucial than ever. We believes tourism that supports local conservation efforts and natural environments are key in preserving the exotic and unique beauty of the region.  Partnering with sustainable local organizations, such as the Monkulkiri Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary in Cambodia, we treat our clients to an incredible and rare opportunity to support the natural habitat and indigenous people.

Community Based Tourism

For travelers who truly want to stray off the beaten path, a community based tour or project is the perfect solution.  Work on sustainably invaluable projects to support a local community or causes while making lifetime memories.   Whether it be helping Sinhanoukville community children with a painting project or learning how to weave traditional Cambodian baskets, experience homestay together in villager’s house, there is no better way to immerse yourself in the authentic lifestyle and culture of the region.

Charity Tours

As a long time contributor of local charities and NGO’s, Real World Adventure believes in supporting the people and region in which we operate out of.  As part of our commitment to responsible tourism, our own staff plans and participates in a race raise funds for the Angkor Children’s Hospital in Siem Reap.  Additionally, we regularly organize successful charity events for clients who chose Cambodia as a fundraising location. We are very happy and welcome for charity tour and be part of raise money for your cause!

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